Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

I hesitated to write this letter for a long time because I see my life as “normal.” No, not normal. Privileged would be a better word, if I’m being honest. For most of my life, suffering has been an abstract and unfamiliar concept. I usually associate the word with traumatic experiences like war, abuse, or assault. Often it makes me think of the distress that comes with being diagnosed with a terminal illness, experiencing homelessness, or being discriminated against. Growing up in a safe neighborhood surrounded by a supportive family, I never imagined that God would call me to know suffering in a physical and intimate way.

In my early twenties, I started experiencing regular abdominal pain. At first, I thought it was just bad menstrual cramps. As I moved through graduate school, the pain worsened; I chalked it up to stress. But when I started to learn NFP in preparation for marriage, I realized that perhaps this “normal” pain wasn’t quite so ordinary after all…

Read the rest of my letter at The Catholic Woman.

One thought on “Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring letter, Catherine. I, too, suffer from endometriosis and infertility issues, and your letter spoke very deeply to my heart that I am not alone. Thank you for reminding us that we can always offer up our pain to the Lord as a sacrifice for another person/intention and to fully surrender what we cannot control and allow His beautiful plan to unfold in our lives. God bless you!

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