Letting Go of Perfectionism by Embracing Weakness

Even before the age of Instagram, the impetus to present an idealized image of our lives to the world has been a pervasive temptation. Somewhere along the line, humanity bought into the lie that success and strength are products of independent self-reliance, rather than shared reliance on community. The more we buy into this lie, the more desperate the need to cover our wounds and hide our vulnerabilities becomes.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the growing isolation and anxiety our society experiences. We are not independent creatures, and we weren’t made to be.  As creatures made in the image of a Trinity, the image of love, we are made for relationship. The temptation to present a perfectly curated image of ourselves is nothing less than a rejection of that identity.

Authors Colleen Carroll Campbell and Shannon Evans have each recently published books that deal with perfectionism and embracing our common vulnerability. Both Catholic mothers and writers, these women share deeply from their own struggles to illustrate profound spiritual truths. I spoke with these authors about perfectionism, cultivating work/life balance, and hearing and following God’s call in their lives….

To read the interviews, visit the original article at Catholic Women in Business!

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