We are faithful Catholics seeking God and sharing that search with one another. Our mission is to cultivate attentiveness to God and authentic relationships with ourselves and one another through the beauty of the written word.  We publish spiritual reflections and articles written to address the three pillars of our mission:

  • Encouragement in the life of faith  
    Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 4, we seek to build up the Body of Christ by strengthening one another in our vocations. 
  • Seeing the sacred in the moment
    Rooted in Ignatian Spirituality, we seek to find God in all things and live as contemplatives in action. 
  • Deepening kinship and solidarity with one another
    In imitation of Jesus, we seek to embrace all with hearts of hospitality and welcome. 

Spirituality of the Ordinary began as a way to strengthen faith, vocation, and community. We hope you will walk with us and share your thoughts with us as well! You can do this by leaving comments (we want to talk to you!), sharing what you love on social media (check out our Instagram and Facebook pages), or by sharing your own journey in writing on our website (please do!). Let’s keep the conversation going!

The world is charged with the grandeur of God. 

–  Gerard Manley Hopkins