Devotion in a Time of Pandemic

“If you want world peace, go home and love your family.” - Mother Teresa When I first stumbled across this quote several years ago, just a few months into my marriage, I found it comforting, inspiring, and even a little sentimental. “Is that all?” I remember thinking. “I feel like attaining world peace is much … Continue reading Devotion in a Time of Pandemic

Praying the Morning Offering

Have you ever tried praying a daily offering? A few weeks ago, Samantha suggested adding these prayers to your Lenten practice. The Morning Offering, which seems to have originated in the 19th century, is both an easy and profound way to place God at the forefront of your mind when starting your day.  O Jesus, … Continue reading Praying the Morning Offering

Embracing Vulnerability in Motherhood: Lessons from “Little Women”

Twenty years ago, I curled up in the backseat of my parent’s Nissan Quest and spent an eight-hour road trip with only one book: Little Women. By the time we returned home from visiting my grandparents in North Carolina, I loved the four March sisters as if they were my own.  Over time, the exact … Continue reading Embracing Vulnerability in Motherhood: Lessons from “Little Women”

Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

I hesitated to write this letter for a long time because I see my life as “normal.” No, not normal. Privileged would be a better word, if I’m being honest. For most of my life, suffering has been an abstract and unfamiliar concept. I usually associate the word with traumatic experiences like war, abuse, or … Continue reading Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

Why Study Theology?

Dear Student, Does it feel strange to be addressed as a student, even though you’ve been out of school for a while? Does the word send a rush of adrenaline down your spine, as you remember pop quizzes and lunch room drama? Or does it spark a memory in you of a curious, younger version … Continue reading Why Study Theology?

When God Says No

As I was preparing to embark on parenthood, I read several books and articles from reputable sources that offered a counterintuitive piece of advice: don’t say “no” to your child.  “Don’t say, ‘no’?” I wondered incredulously. “Have modern parenting techniques really deteriorated so drastically?”  As I read on, I realized that the advice was more … Continue reading When God Says No