We’re Moving!

We are excited to announce that Spirituality of the Ordinary is moving to a new site! If you are one of our loyal WordPress followers, don't fret - you can still be notified of all our new content by signing up for our newsletter. As an added bonus for joining, we will send you the … Continue reading We’re Moving!

Could Artificial Wombs Mean the End of Abortion?

According to the March of Dimes, the premature birth rate in the United States has been increasing over the past several years. In response, researchers focus on the prevention of this issue, as well as on treatments and solutions. Among these solutions is the potentially life-saving artificial womb. Although it is still only a theoretical possibility for human … Continue reading Could Artificial Wombs Mean the End of Abortion?

Are Artificial Wombs the Future of Reproduction?

n 1933, Aldous Huxley imagined a Brave New World in which human reproduction was entirely artificial. No longer science fiction, the use of “artificial wombs” is news of the past. Researchers demonstrated the capacity to gestate animals in 2017, when a team at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia published the results of their study growing fetal lambs in what they … Continue reading Are Artificial Wombs the Future of Reproduction?

Dismantling the “Just a Mom” Myth

One of the hazards of bearing a baby bump is the avalanche of advice on how best to raise your children. Friends and strangers suddenly feel the impulse to touch you without warning and share harrowing stories of traumatic birth experiences. And they always want to know, “Are you going back to work?” For some … Continue reading Dismantling the “Just a Mom” Myth

Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

I hesitated to write this letter for a long time because I see my life as “normal.” No, not normal. Privileged would be a better word, if I’m being honest. For most of my life, suffering has been an abstract and unfamiliar concept. I usually associate the word with traumatic experiences like war, abuse, or … Continue reading Overcoming the Fear of Suffering

Why Study Theology?

Dear Student, Does it feel strange to be addressed as a student, even though you’ve been out of school for a while? Does the word send a rush of adrenaline down your spine, as you remember pop quizzes and lunch room drama? Or does it spark a memory in you of a curious, younger version … Continue reading Why Study Theology?

Redeeming Our Relationship With Food

For something so essential to our survival, food poses challenges for many of us. Our society oscillates between a perspective that glorifies food, and one that demonizes it. And that does not remain external to us; we often place a moral value on food that we transfer to our sense of goodness or worthiness.  I … Continue reading Redeeming Our Relationship With Food

Mercy for the Outcast: The Story God Wants Told

Mere moments on Twitter are enough to alert us that our culture is plagued with demons.  We live in a culture that responds to polarized politics and social values with contempt and hateful accusations that serve only to drive us further from one another, rather than seeking common ground.  Even voices claiming to speak for … Continue reading Mercy for the Outcast: The Story God Wants Told

The Body of Christ According to Edith Stein

Today is the feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a religious sister who died in a concentration camp in Holland on August 9, 1942. She began life as Edith Stein, a Jewish atheist, philosopher, and professor. After her conversion in 1922, Stein spent 11 years writing, teaching and living as a witness to … Continue reading The Body of Christ According to Edith Stein