Top 10 Ways to Teach Kids to Love Jesus

Children have absorbent minds. Really, we all do. Our brains are wired for learning. We take in our environment, observe patterns, and organize information without any conscious consideration. With young children, leading them to Jesus is not about creating the right catechetical framework; it’s about cultivating an environment that makes it easier for the seeds the Father is planting to grow. So what are the important elements of this environment? Here are 10 of the ways our family seeks to cultivate devotion right now.

Our Favorite Mass Books for Toddlers

Is there such a thing as "too early" to start loving Jesus? I don't think so either. One of the best ways to start nurturing this relationship is to help our kids encounter Jesus in the Mass. Of course, even adult Catholics must admit that Mass is not the most user-friendly experience. It takes a … Continue reading Our Favorite Mass Books for Toddlers