Embracing Vulnerability in Motherhood: Lessons from “Little Women”

Twenty years ago, I curled up in the backseat of my parent’s Nissan Quest and spent an eight-hour road trip with only one book: Little Women. By the time we returned home from visiting my grandparents in North Carolina, I loved the four March sisters as if they were my own.  Over time, the exact … Continue reading Embracing Vulnerability in Motherhood: Lessons from “Little Women”

The Bump as Invitation

Any woman who’s ever been visibly pregnant knows that her baby bump is an invitation. Whether she likes it or not, friends and strangers alike regard the bump as a signal. It alters the laws of social interaction, eliminating the concept of personal space surrounding the protruding area. The bump also elicits a flood of … Continue reading The Bump as Invitation

The Transformative Power of a Visit: Reflections on Prison Ministry

“I was in prison and you visited me…” (MT 25:36) “Thanks for visiting me.” There’s nothing like the gift of someone’s presence.  In my experience, this is most powerful when I’m struggling, whether it’s because I’m sick or upset, depressed or doubtful. It’s always a gift to have someone there beside me lending an empathetic … Continue reading The Transformative Power of a Visit: Reflections on Prison Ministry

Saints Have Issues, Too

Walking with the saints has been one of the great gifts for me in embracing Catholicism. It is inspiring and edifying to hear stories of people who have overcome tremendous obstacles and done so with great humility, holiness, courage, and self-sacrifice. They model faithfulness to Christ in all circumstances, and that model is encouraging to my in my walk of faith. Knowing that St. Catherine, in all her spiritual wisdom, struggled with this affliction and yet became one of the great Saints of our Church reminds me that it is not by eliminating our human frailty that we become holy. Rather, it is the continual surrender of that frailty to Christ. It is he who sanctifies.

Holding on to Anger

I am not an angry person.  I don’t hold onto hurts or foster grudges.  Or so I thought. As one of the great spiritual advisors in my life is fond of saying, “We all have PhD's in self-delusion.” I was praying with one of the reflections from my Give Us This Day devotional.  The author … Continue reading Holding on to Anger