The Body of Christ According to Edith Stein

Today is the feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a religious sister who died in a concentration camp in Holland on August 9, 1942. She began life as Edith Stein, a Jewish atheist, philosopher, and professor. After her conversion in 1922, Stein spent 11 years writing, teaching and living as a witness to … Continue reading The Body of Christ According to Edith Stein

Why I Won’t Pray With My Phone

My phone is a great asset when it comes to learning about prayer and living a life of faith, and connecting with the catholic community in the literal sense of the word - universally - across the vast space of the world and even across time. My phone serves many beautiful and inspiring purposes. What it doesn’t help me to do is to be more present.

Living Life or Curating It?

Confession time:  I want this site to be great.  I want it to be meaningful, but also real, and fun.  This past week, I let my excitement get ahead of me, and my daughter paid the price.   I scheduled a “cooking with kids” post for a few weeks before Easter.  It was going to … Continue reading Living Life or Curating It?