30+ Ways Parents Can Make Mass Less Stressful

The celebration of the Eucharist is the greatest miracle on earth. For parents of little kids, it can also be one of the most stressful! Of course, taking children to Mass is incredibly important and meaningful, but it hardly feels that way when yours is the child crying, laughing, screaming, or just generally being a … Continue reading 30+ Ways Parents Can Make Mass Less Stressful

When God Says No

As I was preparing to embark on parenthood, I read several books and articles from reputable sources that offered a counterintuitive piece of advice: don’t say “no” to your child.  “Don’t say, ‘no’?” I wondered incredulously. “Have modern parenting techniques really deteriorated so drastically?”  As I read on, I realized that the advice was more … Continue reading When God Says No

Our Favorite Mass Books for Toddlers

Is there such a thing as "too early" to start loving Jesus? I don't think so either. One of the best ways to start nurturing this relationship is to help our kids encounter Jesus in the Mass. Of course, even adult Catholics must admit that Mass is not the most user-friendly experience. It takes a … Continue reading Our Favorite Mass Books for Toddlers